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Building a Gaming and Lifestyle Brand: 7 Layer Skinz

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Today’s feature is Patrick Trochaniak, Marketing and E-Commerce Specialist of 7 Layer Skinz.
7 Layer Skinz is a gaming and lifestyle brand that offers the best combination of quality and aesthetically designed skins for your IPhone, Xbox, PlayStation, MacBook, or other mobile device.


Patrick is a fourth year Business Administration student at Wilfrid Laurier University who currently leads the Marketing and E-Commerce operations at 7 Layer Skinz. Patrick believes building credibility in a brand starts with yourself. Having a supportive network of mentors and friends gives you the confidence and necessary reinforcement to push your brand to new heights and get it in the hands of other people.


Patrick believes focusing on the quality of your product is often the missing piece in many ventures. Being fully confident that the product you are selling is of high quality allows you to make each sale or market each campaign knowing that the product will positively impact the life of your end-user.


“To minimize the unknowns you have to maximize your expertise in your industry.” Patrick believes learning your products, your competitors, and recognizing trends early on is the best way to ‘prepare for battle’ when establishing your brand in an industry.



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