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Resources to Inspire Creativity and Innovation

How to inspire yourself to be innovative and creative


Creativity has established itself as a crucial trait in today’s business world. So how can individuals continuously innovate themselves and be different? The answer is through the vast number of unique resources available on the web. There are numerous options for online inspiration, such as blogs, infographics, speeches and much more. Here are five online resources essential to effective self-innovation.

Brain Pickings

Brain pickings is a creativity blog run by Maria Popova, and influential writer that shares her opinions with the world. Maria has previously written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, and WiredUK, and has a strong desire to share what she believes mattered most in the world. On her path to become a well known blogger, she founded Brain Pickings, a gallery of knowledge and various ideas uniquely crafted to inspire the reader.


Maria believes that creativity occurs through the solidarity of all resources in one’s mental pool such as: knowledge, insight, and inspiration. Her blog aims to enhance the reader’s creativity through numerous topics that range from art, science, psychology, design, philosophy, and much more.

TED Talks

TED is an organization that strives to spread ideas through the form of speeches given by industry professionals. In 18 short minutes, you have the opportunity to be inspired by leaders in various fields of art, history, science, economics, and politics.


TED Talks began purely in the area of technology, entertainment and design,but have now diversified into countless other industries. With thousands of TED Talks available in over a hundred languages, they truly tailor inspiration for each viewer.

Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful is a website founded by David McCandless, a former writer that decided to fuse both his passion for writing and designing into one simple median. He created visualizations of fascinating information, deciding to inspire through the use of a minimal number of words. David decided the best way to do this was through the use of infographics. Today, he has effectively created hundreds of visualizations ranging in topics from space to food. The uniquely constructed visualizations not only help inspire creativity, but also help one learn more about the world through their distilled data.

Where Cool Things Happen

Where Cool Things Happen is a website formed by two creative individuals that aim to inspire by exposing their viewers to pictures of unique locations and environmental occurrences around the globe.


Their photography includes diverse animals, fascinating art, breathtaking views, and much more. The founders aim to create wonder through images that leave their viewers in awe. Occasionally, inspiration can be tough to come by, but this site literally lets you look everywhere!

Online Learning Websites

It is now easier than ever to become creatively exhausted, but now there are online sites that seek to galvanize academic ingenuity. Online learning websites such as Khan Academy, Coursera, and Academic Earth strive to inspire knowledge in numerous fields such as mathematics, business, and engineering.

What sites help to keep you inspired? Let us know in the comments section below.

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