Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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How to Make a Tagline

How to make a Tagline for your Startup

One of the simplest yet most important methods of marketing for your startup company is creating an effective tagline. Although it may not seem like much, a well crafted  tagline can lead to your customers considering you and your company before your competitors as well as bringing in new customers when they continue to remember your brand and company. In competitive industries like the tech field, where there may be little product differentiation it’s important to be the first company in your customer’s head. Why you need a good tagline is simple, and so is what you want it to accomplish, however creating a truly great tagline can be exceedingly difficult. That’s why we’ve broken down a couple of the key factors to make formulating the perfect tagline for your startup a breeze.

Keep it short and Sweet

There’s a perfect length when it comes to taglines. Tagline length has been heavily studied and it’s been found that the most effective length for a tagline is between eight to ten words. This is long enough to convey the goals of your company and your services, yet short enough that it’s simple to remember and isn’t repetitive, rambling on without an end. Always remember to not use the company’s name within the tagline. That’s something you’ll want to avoid as your target audience will find this irritating.

Honesty is the best policy

When creating a tagline that represents your brand it’s best to be honest. Misrepresenting your company is the worst decision to make because it leaves the customer expecting more than possible from you, making it very difficult to meet their expectations.  Tell the truth with what you provide, then make your customers happy when you live up to their expectations . If you can provide what you promise, then they’ll be satisfied and will continue to return for business. Such customers are also likely bringing other customers with them.

Showcase your best traits

It’s important to let your tagline demonstrate what makes your company better than your competitors, or a unique selling point. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has done an excellent job utilizing this within their tagline. The “We Pick You Up” mantra demonstrates the convenient nature of the company and their special trait, the fact that they offer at your door pick up service to customers. Showcase a unique and positive trait of your brand; what makes you better than the others. Putting this on display is a surefire way to improve the size of your customer base.

Keep it timeless

In the technology and startup realm, it might seem like following the current trend is the best decision when deciding on a tagline. However, this leads to constant change with your tagline as technology and consumer wants and needs change. In tech, it’s important not to highlight your product as it may one day become obsolete. Instead, display the values of your company and the value of what you do. This means your  tagline will have a much longer lifespan.

Now that you have some tips and tricks for creating a great tagline, focus, get creative and think of something innovative that will help your company succeed by leaps and bounds!