Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Torque Barbell Club: Dan Petkovsek

Canada Startups Interview with Dan Petkovsek – Founder of Torque Barbell Club


Sitting down to speak with Dan Petkovsek, owner and founder of Etobicoke’s greatest strength gym; Torque Barbell Club. Torque provides a world class training facility, professional programs, excellent service, and a truly authentic gym experience.

Dan himself is very well educated and qualified in both fitness, and entrepreneurship. Dan provides great insights on how Torque was built upon a perfectly timed opportunity, the challenges of starting a gym, the importance of perseverance, and much more!


The industry is saturated with too many fancy gyms – promising results on their latest “breakthrough program” or secret method. Too many gyms with more tv’s than barbells. And too many gyms with people looking for the easy way to success.



“TORQUE Barbell isn’t just a gym- its a sanctuary for members to better themselves in more ways possible. The staff are amazing individuals who continually help and advise you. Everyone around you encourages and motivates you to do better. I am thankful for this gym and everything it has to offer, its helped me tremendously overcome a period in my life that I did not think I could get through. Thank you TORQUE Barbell, keep doing what you guys are doing.” *

-Camille Enriquez