Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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The Personal Greatness Project: Cory Chadwick

Canada Startups Interview with Cory Chadwick – Founder of The Personal Greatness Project


Chatting with Cory Chadwick, founder of the Personal Greatness Project was great. Cory is as passionate as it gets in entrepreneurship. Cory founded the Personal Greatness Project to give teenagers the opportunity to become confident, resilient, self-empowered leaders – as they unleash their potential and step into their greatest, authentic selves. A passionate entrepreneur with a real mission. Cory covers what inspired him to start his business, what motivates him, biggest challenges as an entrepreneur, and much more! Enjoy!



“In these 10 weeks, I learned the most important stuff I’ve ever learned in all my years in school. This program has helped me grow as a person immensely –
it will change your life and I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

– D.P., Student, 16