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The New Generation of Carpooling: HiRide

Canada Startups interviews the co-founders of HiRide this week; Hi-Ride has innovated the way students travel long distances!


HiRide, founded by Akshat Soni and Shivani Sharma, both third-year Business students at Wilfrid Laurier University is a recent start-up that focuses on student transportation via carpooling.

What began as a terrible and inefficient experience for Akshat, is now one of the main reasons HiRide exists. As mentioned in their interview, both Akshat and Shivani believe that despite facing major competition from a large-scale company such as Uber, HiRide offers low prices for long distance commutes and strives to be the only carpooling operations company in Ontario.


As young entrepreneurs, Shivani touches base on the idea of mutual respect, some characteristics most large-scale and developed business lack today. As a start-up, it is vital to recognize the struggle within your company and acknowledge the struggle other companies,particularly start-ups face. While challenges may differ in the long-run, every entrepreneurial journey is filled with surprises along the way.

Both being business students, Akshat and Shivani touch upon a prominent issue faced by HiRide itself; tech. While they have a strong development team, they continue to search for individuals whose main skillset revolves around application development. This then leads to the idea of teamwork and partners.


For both Akshat and Shivani, having a business partner who can provide Hi-Ride the resources which they aren’t strong in, is critical. It is significant to identify areas of weakness for businesses as not everyone can specialize in everything. Akshat and Shivani, both started HiRide with a common means and passion for innovation. They believe that the biggest piece of advice for any aspiring entrepreneur is to “just go for it”. HiRide will be launching its android and iOS based application this summer. To become a part of the Hi-Ride team, you can check them out at






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