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Reinventing Your Free Time: Team Odd Job

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When it comes to small odd jobs around the house, many homeowners don’t know where to turn for help. Today we bring you Toronto’s fastest rising home service company, Team Odd Job!


Founder of Team Odd Job, Matthew Nunziata shares all about building a business, staying motivated, the key intangibles required for success, and so much more! A lot of very valuable advice on this one, especially for anyone who wants to achieve big things!

For Matthew, Team Odd Job is nothing short of a passionate venture. He shares that his vision has always been creating a client-centred platform, “if our clients aren’t happy, we aren’t happy”. However, breaking into a competitive industry such as home services isn’t as easy as it might sound. To survive in a fast-paced, changing environment, it is vital for a company to offer something innovative to its customers; a product that inevitably adds as much value as possible with current means (using tech to solve inefficiencies of the past) – just as Team Odd Job has been doing.

Enjoy this very inspiring interview!



Moving forward, Team Odd Job plans to expand their services into major cities across Ontario and eventually Canada. They want to be able to facilitate higher volume of jobs with better technology. To book a service, visit them at To get involved, contact them at and keep a lookout on their Facebook pages for more updates!


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