Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Reaching Generation Z: MediaZen Digital

Generation Z is on the rise; today we bring you Ontario’s 2017 Youth Pitch Winner & 3x Finalist, and Founder of MediaZen Digital, Raymond Tran.

Raymond’s career is truly an underdog story unfolding. The 19 year old is attracting the attention of news lines, brands and established influencers. He is a serial entrepreneur (Founder and CEO of MediaZen Digital), Kairos Executive (Mentors include Bill Gates Sr, Richard Branson and Peter Diamandis), and Ontario’s 3 time Top 20 Pitch Finalist and Grand Winner (2017).

From the age of 16, Raymond has directly engaged with brands such as Twitch, UBER, eBay, Khan Academy, Asana, Quora and more. He truly believes in giving back whether it be inspiring others, building a business, or faithfully serving.

Since 2011, Raymond has launched multiple ventures (micro to incorporated) ranging from the beverage industry to the marketing space. He has over 5 years of experience in digital marketing, branding and dynamic public speaking.

In this interview, John and Raymond dive deep into the intangibles of successful entrepreneurs, key habits, where most entrepreneurs go wrong, and much more! Enjoy!



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