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Pathways: The Solution for Talented Introverts

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Pathways: The Solution for Talented Introverts

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand”


Founded by Galen Sprout and launching in September of 2018 in Waterloo, Ontario – Pathways is an up and coming startup that seeks to relieve the pains of the hiring process for ‘talented introverts’. Pathways relies heavily on the use of data science and AI to serve as an intermedium in finding ideal candidates for businesses.

Since the age of 7, Galen has always wanted to become a social entrepreneur. For him, Pathways is a way to give back to the community. Galen says it was a bad interview that made him realize the importance of HR processes. In fact, not just Galen, there is a numerous count of individuals who go through the same experience every-day. Not everyone enjoys public speaking or presenting, but that doesn’t imply a lack of knowledge. And this is where Pathways plays a key role! According to Galen, using your network is key in overcoming your fears. Easier said than done – but sometimes, we often overlook opportunities because we are too shy.

Who knows – the next person we have a conversation with could offer us a job, be our business partner or could also be in the same position as us, but we will never know until we share our experiences. Galen says each field to their own might be limited. However, through networking we can witness a diverse portfolio of individuals belonging to divergent backgrounds with different experiences. This will allow us to see situations in another perspective – which is quite important in today’s ever-changing environment. For instance, tech has different requirements and business has different requirements, but they come together to provide the best possible solution.




Pathways will be launching in September of 2018, stay tuned! For now, follow their journey on Facebook @Pathways Instagram @Pathways5, and Twitter @Pathways5!


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