Thursday, February 21, 2019
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On Demand Access to Cars: Shiftride

“It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Own your journey, not the car.”

Today’s feature is Mohsen Mohsenpour from ShiftRide.

ShiftRide is an on-demand mobility platform, where you can get access to cars from car owners nearby. Confused? let’s put it in simpler words; do you ever need a car but don’t have access to one? Well, not to fear because ShiftRide is here! ShiftRide serves as an “Airbnb” for cars! With just three easy steps;

1. Sign Up

2. Book

3. Drive


ShiftRide allows their users access to a car, whenever they want. What started as a simple project idea two years ago, is now a full-time business with an established client base. During his interview, Mohsen advises young and aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on the bigger picture and continuously push yourself. He believes that because of the challenges ShiftRide faces, him and his team can constantly develop innovative ideas and have something to look forward to. For Mohsen, being an entrepreneur means enjoying the thrill and the crazy; it means producing ideas one morning and implementing them the next day!

One of ShiftRide’s biggest strengths is teamwork. A team is like a puzzle, while each piece might be pointless alone, when put together with other pieces, it creates a beautiful picture. Similarly, Mohsen believes that while teamwork really makes the dream work, it is also important for partners to be accountable and honest. According to Mohsen, there is no formula for success, rather one needs to focus; focus on staying driven, focus on continuously adapting and focus on yourself!



Within the next two years, ShiftRide plans on expanding to the GTA and larger cities across Canada. To become a part of their team, or to enjoy a ride, check them out at