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Land Your Dream Software Job:

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Today we bring you founder Anthony Sistilli of is helping students all over North America land their dream software job. Whether you’re a beginner or a coding pro, The Forge provides the resources and community you need to forge your dream software career. Providing access to mentors from top companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Intuit, and many more; The Forge is bridging the gap between what universities teach software students and what top software employers are actually looking for.


Anthony was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and landed a very prestigious placement with Intuit in Silicon Valley after graduating University. However, as most pure entrepreneurs do, he realized the gap in the market and the need for a better way of doing things in landing a prestigious software job out of University. In turn, Anthony has been building into an educational platform that functions as a community dedicated to weekly events, cutting edge resources, and discussions all focused on landing a top tech placement.


In this interview, Anthony and John dive deep into the ingredients of a successful startup, what to look for when recruiting talent, how to innovate on the status quo, and much more valuable content!



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