Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Royal Canadian Footwear: Michael Bogdan

Canada Startups Entrepreneur Story of Michael Bogdan – Founder of Royal Canadian Footwear


Finally we bring to you the first interview of Canada Startups. A couple of days ago we were talking with Michael Bogdan, the Founder and CEO of Royal Canadian Footwear. Mr. Bogdan gracefully agreed to have an interview with us. Hence, we bring to you his journey to success.

Royal Canadian Footwear provides high quality footwear which is made in Canada. Michael Bogdan believes in combining Lifestyle, Fashion and Comfort into one entity. He also believes that “You need to have a quality team to back you, a team that sees and binds to the same vision and execution.”

According to you, what are the 3  biggest mistakes an amateur entrepreneur can make?

The three biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs can make are:

1) “Not truly taking an analytical approach to where your target market is and understanding how to get to that target market.”

2) “Improper execution in doing research so differentiate your brand from your competitors.”

3) “Not creating a good quality product, something that is unique and separates itself from the crowd.”

Do you have any specific advice for new entrepreneurs?

“Never deviate from your true passion and your true dream, but also realize that some ideas that seem unique at first might have been already applied in many different ways .”

“By using technology and social media marketing you can elevate any product that you envision.”