Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Immo-Match Interview: Charles Bertrand

Canada Startups Interview with Charles Bertrand – Co-Founder of Immo-Match


Sitting down with co-founder of Immo-Match Charles Bertrand was a pleasure. Immo-Match is tinder for buying/selling homes. Founded in Quebec, Canada; Immo-Match allows you to buy, sell, and match your property with a suitor/seller. The platform is available in 190 countries, easy to use, and puts solo sellers under the same roof as real-estate agents. In terms of real estate agents, Immo-Match provides the opportunity to get double commissions, thanks to the matchmaking function provided.

A very intriguing idea to go along with an intriguing interview. Enjoy!

The Immo-Match advantage

People’s needs are constantly changing. You want to buy a bungalow in the suburbs and you currently own a condo downtown. There is most likely somebody who owns a bungalow in the suburbs who would love to live downtown. Our job is to match these people to allow them to buy and sell simultaneously, in a couple of clicks, if they are working with a realtor or not.