Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Growth Intensity Digital Marketing: Gabriel Bonin

Canada Startups Interview with Gabriel Bonin – Founder of Growth Intensity Digital Marketing


Merry Christmas!

Today’s feature is Gabriel Bonin, founder of Growth Intensity Digital Marketing. At only 18 years old, Gabriel has built Growth Intensity Digital Marketing into a $40,000/month marketing agency from scratch.

“We Plan, Execute and Perfect your Digital Marketing Strategy.”

– Growth Intensity Digital Marketing


 Growth Intensity develops and delivers marketing strategies catering to niches specific to each business/individual. Growth Intensity Digital Marketing deploys Social Media Experts who utilize the power of influencers, social media platforms to not only garner traffic to your website, but actually convert them into loyal customers.



Gabriel himself gives a very insightful interview. Gabriel informs us on how Growth Intensity came about, what motivates him, his advertising strategies, and much more relating to how he came to be a six-figure earner at only 18 years old!

There is a lot to learn from this interview; Enjoy!