Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Good Vibes Enterprises: Antonio Terceros-Downey

Canada Startups Interview with Antonio Terceros-Downey – Founder of Good Vibes Enterprises


Meet Mr. Good Vibes! Antonio Terceros-Downey, 19 year old from Toronto, ON and founder of Good Vibes Enterprises. Good Vibes Ent. is much more than a hip apparel brand, Good Vibes Ent. is aiming on being a major catalyst in spreading positivity in the world. With Antonio at the helm, you can believe Good Vibes Ent. will be that catalyst. At just 19 years old, Antonio is successfully pioneering one of the most positive apparel brand models to date. The energy, positivity, and genuine purpose behind Mr. Good Vibes’ brand is really something powerful. Good Vibes Enterprises has had massive success speaking at high-schools and universities all over Canada. Already partnering with established companies Loblaws and Tim Hortons, expect Good Vibes Ent. to be a company that may just change the world.

“As a movement, Our mission is to amplify the power of positivity. And Our vision is to help create a world filled with people who spread Good Energy, so that everyone can live a life filled with Good Vibes!” – Mr. Good Vibes