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Energy You Can Enjoy: AWAKE Chocolate

“The risks may be big but the rewards are even bigger, in the sense of pride that you feel in growing something that started off as an idea in your mind. It is overwhelming. I haven’t found anything professionally that can get anywhere close to that sense of satisfaction felt in entrepreneurship.” – Adam Deremo, Co-founder of AWAKE Chocolate

Introducing Adam Deremo, co-founder of the highly successful brand AWAKE Chocolate! Having founded AWAKE Chocolate in the summer of 2012 with partners, Dan Tzotzis and Matt Schnarr, the trio has built AWAKE into a valuable brand with a real competitive edge.

“The easiest way to think of it is if Red Bull and Hershey had a baby, that is AWAKE Chocolate.” As the world’s first and best caffeinated chocolate, AWAKE Chocolate combines the best attributes of coffee/energy drinks with the enjoyable taste of chocolate. “You get all the ‘pick me up’ of a coffee or energy drink, but with none of the bitter tastes.”



AWAKE was founded from the trio’s work experience; all three co-founders had worked in CPG prior to founding AWAKE with the likes of PepsiCo and ConAgra. This familiarity within the Food & Beverage industry led them to identifying the practical problem that AWAKE Chocolate would ultimately blossom into solving.

Lots of gems in this interview and a lot to learn from Adam! Enjoy!


Adam shares a surplus of valuable advice for new entrepreneurs. “If you want to start your own business in a space, see if you can get some experience working for a company that is already doing that.” In doing so, Adam mentions, you will learn a whole lot on how the industry works, potential mistakes to avoid in the future, as well as identify gaps in the market that could very well possibly be your next venture. Not to mention, ‘do not be afraid to strike out’, Adam mentions that diligence and consistent learning is key to successful entrepreneurship.

“Every successful entrepreneur I’ve ever met has a few things in common, one, they are all super passionate about whatever it is that they do. Two, they are generally optimistic; you have to be able to see the bright side of things to embrace entrepreneurship. And three, they’ll have a pretty high risk tolerance; which I think is important because the statistics do not favor your success, so you have to see the potential and also have to have the guts to bet on it.” – Adam Deremo, co-founder of AWAKE Chocolate


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