Thursday, February 21, 2019
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CampusMate: Abdel-Rahman El-Sayed

Canada Startups Interview with Abdel-Rahman El-Sayed – Founder of CampusMate


Introducing Kitchener’s very own Abdel-Rahman El-Sayed, Founder and CEO of CampusMate. CampusMate is a do-it-all app that aids students in the Canadian educational system. CampusMate connects you with study groups related to the courses you are taking, allows you to buy and sell notes, tutor or get tutored, as well as crowdfund your University events, research, and/or equipment.



Abdel-Rahman himself is a very knowledgable, passionate, and diligent entrepreneur. Watch as he shares his insights on the journey of entreprenurship, what he looks for in a business partner, and much more!





How it Works

1 Sign up using your university email

2 Select the courses registered for your current year or semester.

3 Invite your classmates to join CampusMate.

4 Build your profile with all your education, work experience, accomplishments and a short biography about yourself, let other students rate you! Your profile can be later shared with employers right before you graduate.

5 Start looking for what you need for your courses, whether its notes or tutoring sessions.