Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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The Youth Movement for Global Improvement: PickWaste

“Find your passion and align your purpose through your actions.”

Committed to cleaning up our community and making it a better place, PickWaste is a locale organization in Pickering that strives for small consistent action. It was founded by two teens in their final year of high-school as a way of putting their teacher’s theory to test. But who knew, that stumbling over a piece of trash would lead to starting a movement.

PickWaste wants to protect and conserve our home for present and future generations. A lot of the time, people don’t realize the consequences of their actions. Take smokers for instance, throwing away the leftover butts doesn’t seem like a huge issue when in reality “they contain 7000 toxins and chemicals such as: arsenic, formaldehyde, ethyl phenol, heavy metals and nicotine. When tossed out the window, or on the ground, these chemicals slowly seep into the soil, dissolve in bodies of water, and get ingested by animals who mistake the filters for food.”



Dillon Mendes, one of PickWaste’s founders, says that they started this initiative by picking up garbage one hour once a week and spreading awareness about pollution solutions. Through this, they were able to empower individuals in releasing their potential to make a change in society. Now, PickWaste has filled 455 bags of garbage and completed 39 cleanups.

Being a student himself, Dillon explains that planning ahead will always serve in your favour. Its tough managing extracurriculars, academics and a side initiative, but killing everyday like its your last and just staying driven will get you through. As teenagers starting a social initiative, you are bound to face problems, but for Dillon and his cofounder, “age is just a number, youth can make change”.



The youth is our future, and no idea is never too small to give up on! Instead, staying motivated and driven when our passion is questioned is the key to success. We must be resilient and determined in bringing forth change, and that is exactly what PikeWaste has done!

“The vitality of humanity is a simple reflection of the condition of the environment”, says Dillon. This may sound hard to understand at first, but all it really means is that human life is dependent on the environment; the more we damage and pollute it, the worse the quality of life will get.

PickWaste is expanding rapidly. By July, they will have offices in Ajax and Scarborough and by September, they plan to reach out to the Kitchener and Waterloo Area as well. To get involved, visit their website at!