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Time Allocation: The Secret to Ultimate Success In Anything

Time Allocation: The Secret to Ultimate Success in Anything


In an era where video games, phone applications, and web-series consume majority of our time; it is very easy to be sidetracked from your goals. The one thing you control is what you allocate your time towards. Instead of watching House of Cards for an hour each night, or playing phone applications till you fall asleep – what if you allocated that time towards the betterment of yourself, your business, or a purpose that will help you reach your ultimate end goals.


You have 24 hours in a day. Say you sleep for 8. That gives you 16 hours. What are you doing with those 16 hours?


Many basketball fans look on at NBA star Lebron James, and are quick to say “he is so lucky to be so talented”. Little do they know, Lebron James has been allocating his time towards practicing his craft since he was in the second grade. Taking thousands of shots, each and every day from such a young age, playing in leagues, and getting in the gym is the real explanation for why he is as great as he is. This is the model for success, careful time allocation can and should be applied to anything you want to have success in.


The same can be said for Arnold Schwarzenegger as the most successful bodybuilder of the 70s (let alone all time). Beginning as a teenager in Austria, Arnold allocated countless hours towards building his body through weightlifting and nutrition. In addition to that, he enrolled himself in annual bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions all of Europe during these years. It was the eight years of hard work and careful time allocation that earned Arnold his first Mr. Olympia win in 1970, and a 1st place win each year from then on up to 1980. Arnold’s bodybuilding career is a great illustration of the success time allocation can bring. Bodybuilding is visual and the countless hours of putting in work in the gym can be recognized and understood to the blind eye. It really is a great way of explaining the power of time allocation to people – allowing them to express it in other, less visual forms. For example, after Arnold’s successful bodybuilding career he began to use the same model that brought him legendary success in bodybuilding, to be used in acting; careful time allocation and hard work – leading to him being extremely successful in the world of film. And beyond that, applied the time allocation model to politics – again successful in that field.


Do not get me wrong, having a work-life balance is ESSENTIAL to being more productive and ultimately successful; however, I assure you that allocating too much of your leisure time towards pointless time consumers is the culprit for your inability to reach your goals. You must be selective, and be focused.

I assure you, investing time towards improving/educating yourself, your business, or your ultimate end goals – offers a very attractive ROI.


Reading books > Playing an hour of video games

Attending networking events related to your business > Watching a TV series

Educating yourself on your desired field > Scrolling through social media


Other notable time allocators:

Bill Gates – Countless hours spent programming, coding, and modifying computers

Result: Built Microsoft into an immensely successful tech company, became the richest man alive, has given away the most money of all philanthropists

Walt Disney – Spent hours on end writing, creating, and stimulating his imagination

Result: The massive empire that is Walt Disney Co.

Michael Jackson – Was singing, performing, competing, and practicing day in day out since the age of 6.

Result: Became the most successful singer of all time, became a notable philanthropist, and had $1.1 billion dollars in career earnings.


Is your dream to start your own business with an innovative idea in the field of medicine? Then start allocating your time to that field. Get yourself out there, try things, stimulate your mind, and an idea will come. You do yourself no help by spending countless hours playing video games that have no significance.


Is your dream to start an Instagram page that reposts basketball clips? Then allocate your time to things that deal with basketball, Instagram, and gaining a following online. In doing this, you become more familiar with all things relating to what you want to do – in turn you are better suited to tackle your dream.


Ask yourself:


Will what I am doing right now make me better suited for where I want to ultimately be in life?


Am I being efficient with my time right now?


Is what I am doing right now helping me reach where I want to be?




Everything is a tradeoff between enjoying yourself now and enjoying yourself later. You can work hard on investing in yourself/business/end goals today, and enjoy yourself in your future years.




You can relax, lay back, and enjoy your leisure time now; and if you are young, have to work hard later on in life.


You must decide what matters most.